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Sydney House Prices Are Pushing a Renovation Boom

Home owners in Sydney and Melbourne are in thrall to rising property values in Australia’s two largest cities. The purchase of a home being the single largest investment in most peoples’ lives, means that many of these individuals, couples and families are turning to home renovation to increase the value of their investment. With record low interest rates and substantial home equity returns fuelling this renovation fever, it shows no signs of abating anytime soon. The value in dollar terms is around $33 billion in renovations happening in 2016, according to figures provided by the Housing Industry Association (HIA).

Sydney House Prices Are Pushing a Renovation Boom

It is no wonder, then, that there is no shortage of work for builders and tradies in Sydney. Places like Bunnings hardware are, also, benefitting from this tremendous renovation boom. The home is a place under constant fiscal attention in the lives of home owners in cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Interviewed homeowners have expressed concerns about not falling behind in the great property race. It is like their lives have become marathon competitions, with the prize being enormous sums of money at the hoped-for conclusion of this race.

One wonders what it is like for the children and families living in these homes, these hotbeds of construction. Psychologically are these homes under threat from rapacious materialism at the expense of the nurturing qualities that a home is supposed to provide. If mummy and daddy are so hell bent on improving the property value of the family home, is there a downside to this? A newly renovated home is lovely and affords lots of new features to enjoy. Or does it? Has the home, actually, become a living display home, with kids being warned not to live too much inside their house for fear of wearing things out?

Will the Sydney scene scar its residents for years and generations to come? Will the real estate obsession, this life size Monopoly board game being played out in streets and suburbs, damage the human beings who live inside the homes in this city? Money makes the world go around, so the song goes from the musical, but home is, also, apparently, where the heart is. How do these two themes coexist under the one roof? Is the money-making obsession, the cuckoo driving the other birds out of the nest? Only time will tell and the many academic studies into the effects of this strange paradox, which I am sure will soon follow.


Designing the Perfect Kitchen for your Home

We are not all the same, we may share similar forms in terms of numbers of limbs, but within and without we are unique individuals. Sometimes, we must rub along together in times of crisis, but when we flower, we do so according to our own special flavour. At home, in our personal realms, which we may share with family or a loved one, we want our interior universe to reflect back to us our own favoured concerns. The kitchen is at the heart of the home and it is essential that this fiefdom is decked out according to our own plan.

Designing the Perfect Kitchen for your Home

In alignment with this foreknowledge, I recommend that you take the time to consult with yourself and your nearest and dearest, as to what would be the perfect kitchen design especially for you. In most cases, there is usually one member of a household who is most at home within the kitchen. It may be mum or dad, him or her, whoever it is, they must take the time to delve inside themselves for inspiration.

Seek out memories and imaginings of happy times cooking and preparing food in kitchens. Think about features, which have excited and inspired culinary efforts. Envision surfaces, whether stone, wooden or stainless steel, which provide tactile support whilst cooking. Run hands over many surfaces to compare and clean down benches for a true comparison. Check out before & after kitchen makeovers in the homes of friends and family. Do not rush into things when designing the perfect kitchen for your home. In the kitchen, things, sometimes, take time to rise, proof and come to fruition. Cooking is like life, at times, you can only deal with the crisis if you are well prepared.

Space and sensible design are the two most important features in a working kitchen. Aesthetics are important, as well, of course, but they must dovetail with the overall greater plan. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that kitchens are made to look at, they’re not. The most beautiful kitchen in the world is a waste of space, if it is not practically designed. Human beings cannot live on pretty pictures. Remember the meat and potatoes, when entertaining ideas for your perfect kitchen. Imagine preparing a Christmas feast for forty and how you will cope inside this space. Build a kitchen for all sorts of weather.

Wooden Furniture is the Perfect Interior Complement for Sustainable Architecture

What is it about wood that makes it the perfect interior complement for sustainable architecture? Timber breathes, unlike so many other surface materials, and this gives it an almost human element. Trees and human beings are interlinked on this planet and it is hard to imagine one without the presence of the other, both culturally and historically. When one thinks of the treehouses of early humankind and the myriad of functions that wood has fulfilled down through the ages. To touch a piece of timber furniture is to feel, in form and structure, the building blocks of infrastructure from the very beginnings of time.

Wooden Furniture is the Perfect Interior Complement for Sustainable Architecture

Wood is the most sustainable building material, because it literally grows on trees. To sit upon a wooden chair or at a timber table is to be furnished with the most complementary supporting structures imaginable. The design and feel of beautiful wooden furniture is a boon for our souls. We feel more at home inside houses filled with timber in all its useful guises. You cannot derive the same sense of belonging from plastic things. It does not breathe, expand and contract, like wood does.

Wood does not last forever, in the same way that individual human beings do not endure beyond their allotted lifespans. We want architecture around us that sits lightly upon this earth. We want furniture, which exists in harmony with our own cycles of life. The interior of our domestic abodes should reflect similar time scales and notions to our own. Australian styles of wooden tables, chairs and fittings have a duty to evoke the songlines inherent in the Australian landscape. As above so below, within and without, there are responsibilities to uphold.

Wooden furniture is the perfect interior complement for sustainable architecture, because it fulfils these duties and understandings. We do not live in an exclusively material universe, there are capacities of soul, which engender strong feeling and these echo in our landscapes. Our interior worlds must be in tune with these themes and the things around us are duty bound to reflect these self-same songs. Lines and shapes are not random, they are a part of a greater symphony. The furniture in our lives serves us best when these items are designed and arranged in harmony. Enlightened individuals soon learn to surround themselves with the right materials and forms at home and at work.

How To Do A Proper Strip Out For Your Renovation

Even the well-constructed homes can suffer damages at one point or another, whether from storms, fires, other nature-caused events, or even human accidents. Finding a solution for these damages can be daunting, but we are here to take the weight off your shoulders.

Stripping paint from woodwork and trim has always been a chore. It means getting into odd, awkward angles, corners, and bevels, where it can be difficult to reach with a paint scraper and sandpaper. One of the most effective way to strip paint off of wood trim is to use commercially sold chemical paint strippers. However, in many places, stripping paint method from any surface can be considered now illegal.

That is why, it is important that you read and follow all safety precautions included with the stripping chemical before you begin working.

  • Understanding Safety Concerns of Paint Strippers
  • Remove Already Fraying Areas
  • Clear the Hardware
  • Apply the Stripper
  • Scrape the Surface
  • Re-applying Paint Stripper
  • Detailing
  • Clean the Surface
  • Refinish

It is a tricky task to remove paint from plastic. While it may be easy to strip paint from metal, wood, or ceramic. Plastic, however, requires more careful attention to keep the material intact. There are solvents out there that will easily damage or even melt plastic, so make sure to use plastic-safe paint removal products or methods like these.

  • Use a Paint Scraper
  • Try Vegetable Oil
  • Use Nail Polish Remover
  • Apply Denatured Alcohol
  • Scrub the Area

Learning how to strip paint from any surface can be time consuming, but the results are well worth it. As long as you follow through, you can use these techniques to restore walls, tables, and any number of wooden items to their original state and revitalize them with a new stain or paint. Lastly, it’s never a wrong to consult with experts. You can learn more and check with professionals by clicking here.

Ergonomically Designed Homes: Helping The Tall Small & Elderly

The word dream house make you think about fantasy amenities and custom trims. But smart homeowners also imagine a home they can live in forever considering with many of the common physical limitations that getting older can bring. A safe, convenient, sound and healthy living environment is required for a good house for the people with special needs. The intention of making a house in such a way that it solves basic problems of fixture and fittings needs to be ergonomically designed. It is believed that when housing is ergonomically furnished, then a maximum benefit will be achieved. Ergonomics is the art of using furniture, workplace tools and the environment in a way that reduces the risk of discomfort or injury.

Think about your needs and of your family:

  • Do you have children and elderly?
  • What are the activities often done at home?
  • Is your home catered for these needs and activities?

However the construction phase of a good house is a critical to design inside and outside structures. Often the builders do not know all the factors to be considered that can maintain a safe, hygienic and healthy environment.

When your home does your wrong to meet with an individual’s specific needs, an analysis of user’s requirement is the most important factors to be considered in the design of special houses. In this regard, check for some ergonomic features to design and develop a good houses in terms of how people weather with restrictions of not  can perform their daily living activities. Users’ social, medical and engineering needs are highlighted following the process of disability, ageing, or impairments to achieve the maximum level of benefits, and ensuring safe and sound living.

Home ergonomics is the idea of having components of a home that have been designed with the body’s comfort in mind. Not only will the user be comfortable, it will also only be much easier to use  AND will also prevent injuries.