We are not all the same, we may share similar forms in terms of numbers of limbs, but within and without we are unique individuals. Sometimes, we must rub along together in times of crisis, but when we flower, we do so according to our own special flavour. At home, in our personal realms, which we may share with family or a loved one, we want our interior universe to reflect back to us our own favoured concerns. The kitchen is at the heart of the home and it is essential that this fiefdom is decked out according to our own plan.

Designing the Perfect Kitchen for your Home

In alignment with this foreknowledge, I recommend that you take the time to consult with yourself and your nearest and dearest, as to what would be the perfect kitchen design especially for you. In most cases, there is usually one member of a household who is most at home within the kitchen. It may be mum or dad, him or her, whoever it is, they must take the time to delve inside themselves for inspiration.

Seek out memories and imaginings of happy times cooking and preparing food in kitchens. Think about features, which have excited and inspired culinary efforts. Envision surfaces, whether stone, wooden or stainless steel, which provide tactile support whilst cooking. Run hands over many surfaces to compare and clean down benches for a true comparison. Check out before & after kitchen makeovers in the homes of friends and family. Do not rush into things when designing the perfect kitchen for your home. In the kitchen, things, sometimes, take time to rise, proof and come to fruition. Cooking is like life, at times, you can only deal with the crisis if you are well prepared.

Space and sensible design are the two most important features in a working kitchen. Aesthetics are important, as well, of course, but they must dovetail with the overall greater plan. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that kitchens are made to look at, they’re not. The most beautiful kitchen in the world is a waste of space, if it is not practically designed. Human beings cannot live on pretty pictures. Remember the meat and potatoes, when entertaining ideas for your perfect kitchen. Imagine preparing a Christmas feast for forty and how you will cope inside this space. Build a kitchen for all sorts of weather.